Our Mission is ...

... helping you make a better move!

  • To aid, educate, and inform members regarding transportation, storage, and small business issues.
  • To promote good will and cooperation among members.
  • To advance in every way the best interests of the general public and professionals lawfully engaged in the moving and storage business in Illinois.

In addition to the education and governmental liaison services we provide every day to our members, IMAWA provides brochures and limited consultation to consumers and the media about how to choose a mover and moving service.

We work closely with regulatory agencies including the Illinois Commerce Commission, which regulates moving and storage in Illinois; and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which regulates interstate moving.

IMAWA also works closely with other state and national moving associations to provide consistent consumer information about choosing reputable moving companies and to enhance professional standards for moving and storage companies.

IMAWA’s Internet web site was established in 1997.