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Depreciation Guide

Depreciation Guide (PDF)

note: this is a few years old, but may [...]

Table of Measurements

Table of Measurements (PDF)

this is a few years old but may [...]

What Do You Mean It Isn’t Covered??!!

Explain customer coverage (PDF)

SIT vs Perm Storage – how to tell the difference

SIT vs Perm Storage - CLICK HERE to learn how to [...]

Full Service Warehouse vs Self Storage

Custodial vs Self Storage (PDF)

Demand for Payment Letter for delinquent storage lots

Demand Payment (PDF)

Sample Bill of Sale for storage lots


Warehouse Lien Procedures

Warehousemens Lien Procedures (PDF)

Warehouse Specific Updates

Note: As of January 1, 2010 warehouses in Illinois are regulated [...]

IL Intrastate Valuation Options

Insurance - IL Valuation OPTIONS PDF

Your only legal options in Illinois