IMAWA Kids Book

bookOur association's children's book was written as a school project by students at Springfield Ball Charter Elementary School, Springfield, Illinois, and published by WeWrite Corporation.  Click here to see a video about the process.  Most of the children featured in the video worked on our story about the adventures of The Pencil Family as they move from Jupiter to Earth.

"We're Moving!" was written to help children understand that moving to a new home can be a fun adventure ... and to help alleviate some of the trauma caused by this major life change. In addition to a delightful story appropriate for elementary school aged children and younger, "We're Moving!" also includes a "find the clue" activity and practical advice about moving for Mom and Dad. It's a terrific permanent addition to any library.

This fun and helpful book, recently updated and republished in full color, is available from IMAWA at only $2.00 per book (plus tax and shipping).

Public Relations Opportunity ...

Many of our members have found value in donating copies of the book (including their company bookplate) to their local elementary school libraries and classrooms.  Additional valuable places to donate a book (subtly advertising your company's altruism and concern for literacy) are pediatricians' offices, hospitals, dentists' offices, auto mechanic waiting rooms ... anywhere parents and children might be looking for something fun to occupy their time while waiting.

The "We're Moving!" project was financially sponsored by independent members of the moving industry as a benefit for children and to provide factual and unbiased information about moving. The book itself does not endorse any particular moving companies.

Message from movers who are also moms . . .

"Moving can be very traumatic for young children. This book is a wonderful way to help those young minds understand what is happening and may help turn fears into an adventure. I'm proud to be involved in such an exciting new educational endeavor, and pleased that the Association had the vision to be a pioneer in this concept."

Chris Puckett, IMAWA Past President, Galesburg, Illinois

"Little people's creative minds never stop learning. BOOKS BY KIDS--FOR KIDS! is an experience for little people to educate, prepare, and share with other children what they see through their own eyes and what they feel in their hearts. It's life's experiences happening in the real world. A child's learning ability is never ending. What a wonderful program for creative minds--exploring imagination and taking it to the highest level. This particular book tells how children feel when it is necessary for a family to relocate. And it also teaches them, at an early age, that change is inevitable."

Judy Von Sydow, Vice President,
Von Sydow's Moving & Storage, Inc., Palatine, Illinois
An agent for Wheaton World Wide Moving