Movers' Resources

Moving & Storage within Illinois (intrastate moving)

  • Personal Property Storage Act (this is the statute)
  • Administrative Code Part 1458
    ILCC rules and regulations for personal property warehouses (not self-storage)  Anyone offering storage for hire in Illinois must be licensed by ILCC.
  • Illinois Self Storage Facility Act
  • Illinois Commercial Transportation Law
    Illinois Vehicle Code, Chapter 18c - this is the statute.  If the statute doesn't load  automatically (sometimes it's contrary or the ILGA's techo people move things around), click on "compiled statutes" in the left hand column of the page, then scroll down to Chapter 625 Vehicles.  Then follow the links to find the paragraph you need.
  • Administrative Code Part 1457  ILCC rules and regulations for IL intrastate household goods movers  Anyone offering moving for hire in Illinois must be licensed by ILCC.
  • Applicants Handbook condensed highlights of Part 1457.  This is "the book" used when taking required open book test at ILCC to acquire a moving license.

Moving across state lines (interstate moving)

How to start and manage your own business

  • How to become a mover in IL  General overview for starting moving business. Remember: Anyone and everyone providing transportation service for hire in Illinois must be licensed by the Illinois Commerce Commission. No exceptions!!  STORAGE IS REGULATED IN IL, TOO!
  • STEPS for obtaining a HHG authoritySpecific requirements of Illinois Commerce Commission's application process (as of 9-2014)
  • Looking for a career as a van operator?   If you are considering a career in the moving and storage industry, from a van operator to a warehouse or an office, then this site is for you.